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Shawn McCarthy (The Globe and Mail), "RCMP officers pepper-spray
demonstrators," 18 Nov 99, "RCMP riot squad officers used eye-stinging
pepper spray to force back a crowd of rowdy demonstrators who were planning
to storm Parliament in a protest against homelessness yesterday. The ugly
confrontation under Parliament's Peace Tower played out in front of
surprised tourists and the national media. The protesters demanded to meet
Prime Minister Jean Chrétien -- who is travelling in Turkey -- or Labour
Minister Claudette Bradshaw, the government's minister in charge of the
homeless issue." <1272.txt>

Religious Witness with Homeless People (press release), "Hunger Strike Ends
With Halt of FNB Arrests in San Francisco," 19 Nov 99, "319 members and
supporters of Religious Witness with Homeless People participated in a
Hunger Strike for Justice and Compassion in United Nations Plaza over the
past 12 days (November 8-19). Calling for greater compassion for poor and
homeless people, Religious Witness launched the Hunger Strike when SF
Police suddenly moved in and began confiscating the several 5-gallon
buckets of hot soup and dozens of loaves of bread and began arresting those
who served that soup to the hungry, homeless people lined up for that meal
in the United Nations Plaza. Right before the very eyes of the poor people
lined up for the food, it was hauled off by the police to be dumped. (See
Hunger Strike sign.) The group vowed to continue the Hunger Strike
'...until Mayor Brown revokes his order to his Police Force to deny
homeless people access to the soup and bread prepared by them by arresting
those who served that food,' stated Sister Bernie Galvin, director of
Religious Witness with Homeless People. The City has halted the arrests
...." <1273.txt>

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