Re: was 'Healing'...............?now how do I make this work

Thomas Cagle (
Wed, 8 Dec 1999 19:55:18 -0500

Sorry Graeme,
My local connection to Juno has been behaving rather badly. I finalt went
with another extention (not a local call :-(( ) and got like 290 emails
several of them on WTO. Giving me an incredible urget to blurt out of a
window that old movie war-cry "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it
anymore" as it regards the press and all.

You got the brunt of my ire, and I appologise.

I do read from your take that we are not all that far away on our veiw of
destruction of private property.

Maybe we'll meet at an ADAPT action.

Tom C

On Wed, 08 Dec 1999 09:43:22 -0500 Graeme Bacque <>
>Actually, I was never referring to the issue of property destruction. 
>want my take on that one?
>While personally I have no moral concerns on that subject, in situations

>like the anti-WTO protests it can be a real heat-score to engage in such

>activity, unless it is a very large-scale, generally agreed-upon tactic,

>that is. Otherwise it becomes in itself a safety issue for other, 
>non-participants as generally nothing else will make the cops go nuts 
>faster - or send the mainstream media into a greater feeding-frenzy of 
>negativity - then will a little broken glass or unauthorized
>Heck, by comparison the horrific abuses aimed at innocent people and 
>the serious bodily injury suffered by some participants hardly rated
>from the press but a few broken windows (which feel no pain and can be 
>quickly and easily replaced) sent them into a raging tither!
>Likewise, I'd hate to see human well-being and safety taking a back seat
>the rigid maintenance of a particular philosophy or tactical approach 
>(substituting these for the damaged inanimate objects that everyone
>so fixated on in Seattle). Those things which enhance human life and 
>preserve safety of participants (to the maximum degree possible) have 
>to be prioritized. Hell, philosophies come and go... and as with all
>human they are certainly not immune to scrutiny or modification.

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