William Tinker (wtinker@fcgnetworks.net)
Wed, 8 Dec 1999 09:19:35 -0500

> 12-8-99
> Catalina,and [squatters]
>  My heart and soul goes out to you in your cause,we sometimes must do
> extreme things in order to get the publics attention that homelessness is
> not a way of life it symptomatic of the social problems that our
> imposes on the poor,and disabled as well,and the government only cares
> it is in there best interest too,or when its popular or the in thing to do
> because its election time!
>  But I wanted to tell you all that I personally believe you are doing a
> humanitarian thing,but gee its getting cold outside,have the papers,or
> people come to talk you or done anything to help you along towards
resolving the
> shelter issues?
> I am anxiously awaiting word from what the Governors aid has to say to you
> please keep us updated??                Bill Tinker        at
> PS. In our state the grant money ran out for the NH HOMELESS COALITION and
> there is none for two more years,mean while people suffer and die each
> day,what can we do as advocates if our own government does not help the
> displaced and disabled only pouring salt on our wounds?