Re: SEATTLE: 'Healing'...............? [kyle replies to Graeme]

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Date: Tue, 07 Dec 1999 23:39:12 -0700 (MST)
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Re: SEATTLE: 'Healing'...............? [kyle replies to Graeme]

i think that some interesting points were brought up in this email.  However
I feel that the power of the demonstration is being completely over looked.
I myself was unable to attend the WTO protest in Seattle but was in
attendance here in Boston.  However i did talk to several people who WERE
there and all they had to say were positive things.  i was told how powerful
and positive the experience was.  I dont think people will be emotionally
scared but rather feel empowered and strengthened.  Graeme said something
along the lines of, "Who in their right mind would willingly submit a second
time to a situation where they would face almost certain brutality and
torture but are expected by their peers to remain

when i read this i am reminded of a quote from the great Dr. Martin Luther
King Jr.  "Punish Me, I do not deserve it.  But because i do not deserve it I
will accept it so that the world will know that i am right and you are wrong."
that is the essence of nonviolence.  it is harder to control ones emotions,
and not lash out then it is to react in a violent manner.  when someone acts
nonviolently they are the stronger person.  it accents the injustice that is
inherent in such police brutality as we saw  in Seattle.

it is important to realize the strengths of nonviolence before you criticize
it.  i completely disagree with your statement and i think if the situation
were to arise again there would be twice as many protesters in Seattle.

in love and thougt,