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Date: Tue, 07 Dec 1999 22:44:15 -0500
From: Cathy Crowe <crowe@web.net>
Subject: Urgent: response to homeless death Dec. 8

Toronto Disaster Relief Committee

-for immediate release December 7, 1999

A homeless man died this past Sunday (Dec 5) near the St. Stephens church on
College Street (near Brunswick Ave).  He was well known to people in the
east and west end of the city.

The Toronto Disaster Relief Committee plans to mark each and every homeless
death this winter by inviting concerned Torontonians to join us at 12 noon
the day following the announcement of a death.  We will meet at the Peace
Garden in Nathan Phillips Square (Bay and Queen) and then go into the
Mayor's office to let him know that we hold him and his city council
responsible. Hostels now have no space. Hundreds are forced to sleep
outside, young, old, infirm, living with HIV, pregnant, families, youth.
Front line workers are left with nothing to offer people.

Toronto City Council and the Mayor's office continue to refuse to offer
solutions that would provide respite from the severe conditions both in
crowded shelters and from the ravages of outdoor living. Meanwhile, Y2K
preparedness plans have identified 200 locations to be used for emergency
shelter if necessary.

As street nurse Cathy Crowe says "the homeless deaths are our city's dirty
little secret - they are our "disappeared" and sadly, the Mayor has the
power to prevent them by ordering the opening of emergency shelters - but
won't. We need at least 600 more spaces - now!"

Tomorrow, Wednesday, December 8th @ 12noon at the Peace
Garden (just in front of City Hall) we will gather to remember this man.

For more information contact:

Kira Heineck at 703-8482 (113)
Cathy Crowe at 703-8482 (117)


Housing Now!

Cathy Crowe, RN
416-703-8482 (117)
416-703-6190 (fax)