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unclescam (
Mon, 06 Dec 1999 16:31:56 -0500

i'm sorry if i gave the impression we have any squatters rights. we in amerika
have only the right to be read our rights as they arrest us for trespassing.
80 percent of amerikan laws protect property not humans. squatting is illegal.
i say do it,i've done it. i've also smoked hemp. laws are made to be broken.
   whats the deal on closed military base use by homeless communities ? could
one start a communal startup camp on one ?

Bonnie Briggs wrote:

> General
> Hi Unclescam,
>   Thanks for signing the guest book on my Homeless Memorial. I just checked
> it. I have also updated the page. The information is a little different. I
> agree that we should be able to occupy empty buildings. I envy you guys in
> the States having Squatters' Rights. I wish we had them in this
> country(Canada). Thanks for our recent discussion, I enjoyed it. Fight and
> resist!
> Bonnie
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