Re: opinions are like assholes... everybody's got one

William Tinker (
Mon, 6 Dec 1999 15:26:25 -0500

Ch@nce and group;
 I thank you for your thumbs up ,I know I get frustrated with the system,and
I personally have lost nine friends that I shared sleeping arrangements with
since 1990,they were real and caring human beings,I could not prevent their
deaths but if it were in my power I would have!
 I come from an age of IBM type writers not computors ,I had no idea how
much hell raising I could do untill I bought this and started using it!!!But
I am not capable of being malicious,or hurting any body purposely,there was
a time when I could and did,I must be getting old! I wrote the Stevons and
told them I never felt I had threatened any one ,and they gave me the tale
that it was my pointed statements that they could not hanle,so  suggested
that since i am not that adept at these keyboards that they delete my
messages when they came in its a free country,I thought I explained my
position,I don,t feel I need to go any further,also the more time spent
biching allows another brother and sisters early demise to happen...and i
can not accept this I refuse to see another brother and sister be squashed
by a society that only cares at Chrstmas....I call it GUILT offerings!
 And Thank you Ch@nce you are a brother of the world,I appreciate your
directness remind me not to piss you off,[smile from ear to ear]Thanks! "A
Brother In Peace And Strife" Bill Tinker

Subject: opinions are like assholes... everybody's got one

> If this isn't the most manipulative piece of rationalization I ever
> saw in my life, it's got to be up in the top few - are these folks
> politicians or bureaucrats?
> Bill Tinker's enthusiasm might rub some folks the wrong way, but I
> cannot find any fault in his passion.  If email maintenance is too
> challenging for james and jeanne stevons, perhaps they should go back
> to channel surfing, or looking out the window to mind their
> neighbors' business.  And if these folks think that Mr. Tinker can
> "get out of hand," then they should try floating some of their
> bullshit musings in SF.
> One common trait these armchair activists all share is their
> insistence on contributing to forums that clearly outscope their
> competency.  They should just get a freaking life, and let those of
> us who are actual stakeholders in the future of poverty issues
> continue to toil in peace.
> Believe me, anyone who's ever had the gun of homelessness and poverty
> held up to their head has good reason to be impatient with the
> unsolicited opinions of "do-gooders" who think they know "what's good
> for us."  Especially since the opinions of people who think they know
> what's good for homeless people shaping social policy  is precisely
> the reason why we have so much work ahead of us before we can bring
> social justice to poor people.
> Bill Tinker does good work, and he has more heart than all the james
> and jeanne stevons in the world.  I hope he keeps with it.
> Peace,
> ch@nce
> PS/ If you have their email, I'll ask them to kiss my ass PERSONALLY.
> > Thank-you Ruben.  I have sat here going through all of the e-mail that
> > backed up and was really getting irritated with Mr. Tinker and his
> > point of view.  Yes we need to get our elected officials and all others
> going
> > in the right direction on the homeless and hunger issues but not the way
> he
> > was going about it.
> >
> > Mr. Tinker there is a way to address your issues without being insulting
> and
> > threatening.  Sit down and discuss things with people at your local
> in
> > a non-threating manner and  non-finger pointing manner and you will find
> that
> > you can accomplish a lot.
> >
> > Thank you for an open forum to express our viewpoints and correct our
> > brothers and sisters who get out of hand.
> >
> > peace and love
> > james and jeanne stevons
> >
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