Corcoran Homeless Photo Exhibit
Mon, 6 Dec 1999 13:48:36 EST

Heard an interview on NPR last Thursday (Dec2,'99) about this. Sounds pretty 
good and "solution oriented"  Matt Parkhouse, RN   Colorado Springs, CO 

 The Way Home: Ending Homelessness in America
                    December 4, 1999 - January 31, 2000

                    This exhibition documents the plight of homeless and 
formerly homeless
                    men, women and children in cities and towns across 
America-and points the
                    way to lasting solutions. The Way Home showcases images 
by 13
                    photographers: Jodi Cobb, Ben Fernandez, Donna Ferrato, 
Betsy Frampton,
                    Tipper Gore, Annie Leibovitz, Mary Ellen Mark, Joseph 
Rodriguez, Eli Reed,
                    Stephen Shames, Callie Shell, Diana Walker and Clarence 

                    Traveling through America, these photographers have 
                    homelessness not as a general social condition or 
charged political issue,
                    but as a predicament with which real men and women 
grapple. From Miami
                    to Seattle, Houston to Minneapolis, New York to Los 
Angeles, these artists
                    document homelessness and some of the evolving solutions 
                    compassionate and incisive eyes. All photographers 
donated their time to
                    create new images that break institutionalized 
stereotypes about homeless
                    people in America. A variety of related issues are 
explored, including
                    poverty, violence, addiction, education, family and 
health care.

                    Accompanying the exhibition is a 160-page, fully 
illustrated book published
                    by Abrams, Inc. It includes a forward by Tipper Gore, 
wife of Vice President
                    Al Gore, an essay by Nan Roman, President of the 
National Alliance to End
                    Homelessness, a statement by exhibition curators Philip 
Brookman and
                    Jane Slate Siena, and a list of resources available to 
encourage further
                    action. Also featured in the book are poems from the 
Writers' Forum at the
                    Miriam's Kitchen Breakfast Program in Washington, DC. 
All proceeds from
                    the sales of this book will be donated to the National 
Alliance to End

                    Curators: Philip Brookman, Curator of Photography and 
                    Media Arts,
                    Corcoran Gallery of Art; Jane Slate Siena>>

The Corcoran Gallery of Art
500 17th Street, SW
Washington, D.C., 20006