"human storage bins"

Terry B. (redd_dogg187@yahoo.com)
Mon, 6 Dec 1999 09:58:24 -0800 (PST)

  Well the first snow here has fallen in the Detroit
area. The demands for shelter has increased from here
in Wayne County to Wastenaw County. Shelters are
packed beyond capacity, some forced to sleep on the
floor, or stairs by the frontdoors, Many that are
ubnlikely are 	forced to sleep outside.
  The demands for shelter will be up across the nation
and the world. Capitalism will again take it's toll on
the unfortunate. The decline in affordable housing,
and the closing of shelters is part of the reason.
Skyrocketing rents block many from ever obtaining
decent housing. This housing crisis is ingrained in
the capitalist system it effect all age groups, races,
and income levels.
   The gap between the rich and the poor is a small
part of this problem. Federal housing programs that
once served as a safety-net to relieve the
inadequacies of other private housing programs, now it
can't even do that. The onslaught of Welfare Reform
aided in this process as well,as well as tax breaks
for the rich, so they obtain homeownership.
  With homelessness growing day by day, the demand for
apartments has also increased, The average renter now
pays 30 percent of income for housing. How can someone
who is poor afford this? They can't. Therefroe
Evictions too are on the rise.
   With incomes under $10,000, who can afford yo pay
out 30 percent and still be able to eat, and pay
bills? The poor who can affor this live in housing
that is inadequate, and alot of times in a state of
disrepair.A person who is homeless most immediate need
is adequate income to afford these places. The
Homeless are victims to the housing trend. There needs
to a movement for housing. In the 1930s and 1940s the
housing question was linked to the broader economic
crisis. Today we are still engaged in "discussion" of
how to address the housing question.

 The key is to for a progressive program of action
that will address the needs of what the homeless need
for housing, this should include families and single
parents as well as the disabled. From city to city
thre are abandoned buildings, thre needs to be talk of
revitalizing these abandoned buildings into affordable
housing. We must mobilize the poor and the
working-class to adddress the conditions as we seem
them today. Shelters must not be warehouses for the
poor! Lobbying for legislation is not the answer.
Since these bureaucrats to take tax cuts in their
housing situations, their political agenda does not 
include the poor.

Terry Bevins
Homeless Power Union
National Women's Rights Organizing Coalitoin
Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action (BAMN)


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