It is your option to delete my messages or not its a free country

William Tinker (
Sun, 5 Dec 1999 18:48:58 -0500

I can appreciate your freedom of speech as well you should mine!!!
 I am not going to apologize for doing e-mailing, and remailing of a plan
that might and more than likely could end poverty and homelessness in our
life time...We all fight our own way,I got some raised eyebrows and
politicians ire,but when apathy runs rampant in the streets and you see your
friends dying and one after another they are lost to never be seen on this
earth again its time to write the Governor the president,the presidents
wife,the vice presidents wife,your pastor and his wife and the National
Homeless Coalition,s Mr.Michael Stoops who wants to talk to a meet with a
few of us former homeless and disabled persons in Febuary 2000 when he talks
to a  college in Manchester NH..... So whatever it takes to get some answers
to this national and international dilemma that needs some resolution now
not 50 years down the road.
 I am sorry that you thought I was threatening, I don,t feel there was any
threats made towards any one if there was please point them out I might be
able to prove to you there was no direct threats to any body. I feel as
though we have to stop being subjected to counter productive veiw points
which will do nothing but prolong the agony of our displaced and disabled
communities,and their are persons whom get paid to work these key boards!!I
do it because I have a yen to give back to the homeless what they gave me
"life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,"because I would have frozen to
death in 189 had it not been for some homeless brothers and sisters in
Concord,N.H.teaching this "old dog new tricks".By the way I am paying for my
own computor to it was not bought for me,and I did not sell out to anyone I
am on a disability check of 5 BEN FRANKLIN,S a month I would like to see
some of these politicians live on that a month,what a joke!!!
I do apprecite you point of veiw and yours will get sent around to  to be read by all after all we are human subject to
human frailities.....Sorry you did not like my sends or re posts they needed
to be done from where I stand.
Have you folks ever been homeless ?
"A Brother In Peace And In Strife"     Bill Tinker

 PS.  I don,t believe I have been radical enough as far as the lack of
humanity our government had expressed up untill recently,and it looks like
perhaps they might finally be listening to some  voice,s of reason,and

> Thank-you Ruben.  I have sat here going through all of the e-mail that got
> backed up and was really getting irritated with Mr. Tinker and his radical
> point of view.  Yes we need to get our elected officials and all others
> in the right direction on the homeless and hunger issues but not the way
> was going about it.
> Mr. Tinker there is a way to address your issues without being insulting
> threatening.  Sit down and discuss things with people at your local level
> a non-threating manner and  non-finger pointing manner and you will find
> you can accomplish a lot.
> Thank you for an open forum to express our viewpoints and correct our
> brothers and sisters who get out of hand.
> peace and love
> james and jeanne stevons
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