WTO protesters tortured in Seattle jails (fwd)

Anitra Freeman (anitra@speakeasy.org)
Sun, 5 Dec 1999 13:59:10 -0800 (PST)

The Interfaith Vigil has already taken place, but the rest of this is
still timely:


Hi, Seattle Progressive Coalition ("SPC") members and allies,

Please come down to the King County Jail (5th & James) in Seattle today, 
Sunday, 12/5, at 1:00 for a Faith Healing Circle (see first posting below).

A number of non-violent protesters were released last night, including SPC 
member Amanda Jarman, Teamster 174 organizer Rob Hickey, and GLBT activist 
Paul Bristo... yet quite a number remain incarcerated as of late last night. 
Experiences of torture inflicted in the jail were recounted, for example:

- A man with AIDS was denied his medication for 55 hours; 

- A woman was beaten so badly that her face was unrecognizable by her mug 
shot and had to be released;

- Men with long hair (especially dred locks) were lifted off the ground by 
their hair;

- Our prisoners were beaten on the back of their feet;and

- Our prisoner' arms were twisted behind their backs and when up around
the shoulder, guards intertwined and twisted their fingers, causing
immense pain.  In fact, two men passed out from this...

Late in the afternoon one of the National Lawyers Guild negotiators told me 
that they were on a verge of a deal to get everyone released... except City 
Attorney Mark Sidran killed the deal. We must oust that man!

SPC co-facilitator John Tirpak (bj047@scn.org), who is an attorney, advises 
people who feel they might need legal support around WTO issues to call the 
National Lawyers Guild legal team 206-621-5820, Direct Action Network legal 
team 206-632-9482, the Public Defenders 447-3900, and/or ACLU legal team 

To participate in helping gather statements of police abuse on Capitol Hill, 
contact UW law student Tara Herivel: therivel@u.washington.edu. Copies of 
citizen complaints about police behavior should be sent to:

- ACLU: www.aclu-wa.org. Click on WTO;
- Mayor Paul Schell: mayors.office@ci.seattle.wa.us; 
- WTO File, attn: John Medlin, UW Archives, Allen Library, Box 352900, 
Seattle 98195

The University of Washington is organizing an archive of WTO experiences. 
Feel free to send them (at the address above) all materials you think might 
be of interest.

Other dates to keep in mind:

Monday, 12/6: 2:00 City Council meeting- vote on whether to affirm the 
mayor’s martial law order

Monday, 12/6: 8:00pm Community Organizing meeting about police accountability 
during WTO, 4 Angels Cafe (14th & Union)

Wednesday, 12/8: 4:00pm City Council takes testimony from citizens about 
police behavior during WTO (location undetermined, as Council chambers would 
be too small. Location should be determined Monday. More details on the 
second posting below).

But today please come to the the Faith Healing Circle at 1:00 at the King 
County Jail (5th & James) in Seattle.

(BTW, the third posting below is a list of e-mail addresses for the mayor and 
city council members.)

-- with outrage and exhileration, Sarah Luthens  206-937-7242
SPC co-facilitator


 500 5TH AVENUE, SEATTLE who have gone to jail to
 oppose the WTO, and to bring peace and healing to our community:

 Please circulate this message as widely as possible.

On Wednesday, December 8, the Seattle City Council will hold a public
forum and public hearing on people's experience with the WTO during the
last week.

At 4 pm, there will be a panel on what happened downtown, and at 4:45, and
panel discussion on events on Capitol Hill. At approximately 5:30 p.m.,
the public hearing will begin. This is your opportunity to tell the City
Council about your experiences, comments, suggestions, etc.

The location has not yet been determined, due to the number of people
expected to show up. I will send a message on Monday when we have a

Newell Aldrich
Aide to City Councilmember Nick Licata
c) E-mail addresses of the Mayor and City Council Members

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