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Hello Pete,
 You are correct I think sometimes we concentrate on personality rather than
what can this candidate do for us the poor,disabled and elderly.
And that is very true they are supposed to be working for us not their own
political agenda,that might come second but first your peers and voters,I
know George "Shrub" Bush is popular but so was his father and I can,t handle
anotherBush in the White House Reagan was used, and so was Ollie North
remember the CIA?Iran a scam?You might want to contact Tony Hearn  he knows George Bush prett well,lives near by
can tell you a few tales.......................... A friend,    Bill Tinker

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> December 5, 1999
> To the editor
> If you are disabled, elderly and/or poor I would like to remind you of a
few things as you prepare for the elections.
> In general, democrats look more favorable on social programs such as
Medicare (which millions of poor, disabled and elderly depend on for their
medical care) and than does the republican party.
> When several disabled persons went to the office of Governor George W.
Bush to discuss a disability issue with him, he had the Texas state police
haul them away.
> Senator Bradley, as I understand it, wants to do away with Medicare as we
know it today. He prefers (it seems) to provide you with $1800.00 to
purchase your own medical insurance policy. Please call an insurance company
and tell them what Medicaid does for you today and ask them what it would
cost for a insurance policy that provided you with the same benefits.
> Please do your own voting. Don't vote for a person only because that
candidate is a republican or democrat. Don't vote for a candidate only
because a newspaper endorses them. Vote for the person YOU think will do the
best job for you...after all, if elected, they will be your employee.
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