Disability rights for all,

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 Burlington Vermont is where I was born,it is the last city I was homeless
in back in 1992,I used to hang out down by Lake Champlain,took the ferry to
New york state once,usually ate at the drop in center. Do the buses still
advertise condoms on the side of them "don,t leave home with out it",haha i
used to laugh about that one.
 I was real fortunate to have a church homeless shelter take me and my
traveling companion in while I was in Burlington,they were pretty nice but I
have had open heart surgery two artificial valve implants[I am bionic now]
so I can,t hit the road now but I can show support by letting people keep an
eye out for you,and steer you to safe shelters hopefully!
 I write to you because my daughter has been made to receive forced therapy
by a Mental health agency , They have put her on 12 different and very
dangerous medications that caused extreme weight gain,visual,and audible
hallucinations,and I have joint legal custody but they refuse to stop the
therapy or honor my paternal rights so I can appreciate your walk to bring
attention to this!
 Thanking you ...Bill Tinker

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> Hello again Bill,
> Thank you for your support and encouragement for my Walk for
> No Force Across America.
> I will attempt to keep you and others updated when I gain
> online access, but I doubt that I will be able to do it more
> than once a week when I have the access, time and energy. I
> will, however, attempt to post regular updates up at the
> home page I have made for it. I get all my online access at
> either public access online sites or at the homes or offices
> of friends and allies. Currently, I am getting some very good
> access and time online which is helping me prepare for the
> walk, get the home page up and started and in beginning to
> get the word out about this upcoming journey. Plus, it is
> very helpful for finding some of the information I will need
> for stops and stuff I will need for along the way. I hope to
> keep a written journal so I can use that to post updates and
> reports from on the home page and in e-mail networking as I
> travel.
> Thank you!
> Morgan
> On: Saturday, December 4, 1999 at 23:44:54 -0500
> You wrote:
> 12-4-99
> All I can say is go for it Morgan and let the wind be to
> your back and good fortune and health be your traveling
> companions.
> It is good to see persons such as your self that are in
> good enough physical condition to endure this trek,I for
> one and NHhomeless@egroups.com  would like to be updated
> on a daily basis if possible?
> Take care brother!   "A Brother In Peace And In Strife"
> Bill Tinker
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