Update -- No Force Walk Across America -- Taking the message to the People

Morgan W. Brown (morganbrown@hotmail.com)
Sat, 04 Dec 1999 21:53:52 EST


No Force Walk Across America
Taking the message to the People


For those on the HPN list who either don't know me or don't
remember me, a brief bio: I am currently homeless and have
been on HPN a couple of times in the past. I have been
homeless (again) for over two and a half years this go

I have just rejoined HPN for a very brief moment so I can post
this message here and then I will be getting off shortly again.

The reasons for this is because, very soon, if all goes as I
hope and as intended, while I have been on the street in
various forms at different times -- I am literally going on
the road on a long journey.

I have spent several long night (and days at times), both
earlier this year during the late winter preceding and also
this winter we are beginning to enter as well, walking the
streets trying to stay warm or attempting to find a place to
sleep or just get warm. During those times, I did a lot of
thinking. Among the thoughts and ideas I mulled over in many
a long quiet moment, was considering how best I could help
support, articulate and give voice to the No Force message.
After much consideration, I have decided to take the message
on the road, one step - and to one person - at a time.

Briefly, the message includes:

* The use of force and coercion in all
  its forms has no place -- and ought NOT
  to be tolerated or supported -- in
  health care treatment in any setting or
  for any reason.

* STOP forced and coerced mental health and behavorial health
  treatment now!

* In the words of Justin Dart:

  "No Forced Treatment Ever!"

  -- Justin Dart, Jr. is a
  Disability Rights Movement Leader

* End the violence!

* Abolish forced and coerced treatment now!

My intention is to take the No Force message personally on
the road across America beginning with leaving Burlington
Vermont on Friday morning, December 10, 1999. Between now
and then, I will be very busy making preparations as well
as attempting to continue to put up the home page I have
created for this No Force Walk Across America. I have just
finsihed doing some major updating and revisions to it.

For information about the Walk for No Force Across America
and for more about just what this No Force message is,
please visit:

No Force Walk Across America
Taking the message to the People:


I will be adding much more information to the home page as I
am able to and will also attempt to post updates whenever

When I begin this journey:

Leaving Burlington on December 10, I will head straight
down Route 7 and into western Massachusetts. Then west to
New York State and south to Albany, NY and so on through New
York City, New Jersey, Philadelphia and so forth on down to
Florida for the first long leg of this long No Force Journey.
>From Florida, my hope is to then head in a diagonal of sorts
up to Eugene, Oregon. From there -- well I will have plenty of
time to give thought to that -- first things first. That is
the initial plan, though it is very much open to change of

I have set up an e-mail account that will be only for
receiving and sending of messages relating to my No Force
Walk Across America. It is:


I will not be able to answer every message I receive, but
will make every attempt to when I can.

My Hotmail e-mail account will be for sending and receiving
personal e-mail only.

Morgan Walker Brown
(Yes, that is my real middle name)

No Force Walk Across America
Taking the message to the People:



Please feel free to forward the above message as is on
to others.

My apologies if this is a message-clone, if you have
already received this message either directly or


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