FY 2001 HUD Budget Sign-On Letter

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Sat, 4 Dec 1999 21:46:04 -0500

Please join this effort with the Low Income Housing Coalition NOW.

Subject: FY 2001 HUD Budget Sign-On Letter

(included here are: 1) and explanation of what this is; 2)
the form to sign on to the letter, and 3) the letter itself)

**The sign-on letter will show nation-wide support for
housing and community development programs.

**Deadline to sign on is December 8th.

**Please forward to your own networks.

As a member of the Campaign for Housing and Community
Development Funding, the National Low Income Housing
Coalition is circulating the attached sign-on letter in
support of a strong budget for the Department of Housing and
Development.  This national sign-on letter will go to
President Clinton and to members of Congress to encourage
them to support adequate funding for next year's HUD

Nonprofit and for-profit local, state and regional
organizations, state and local governments as well as
national organizations and corporations are invited to sign
on to the letter by fax or email.

You should use the attached form to sign on to the letter.
The Local Initiatives Support Corporation is handling the
database of sign-ons.  The deadline for signing on to the
letter is Wednesday, December 8, 1999.

Please forward this sign-on letter and the form to your
networks as soon as possible and encourage them to sign on

Thank you.

For more information, contact Linda Couch at 202/662-1530
ext. 242.

             ****FY2001 Sign-On Response Form****

Please print out this form, fill out it out completely and
FAX it no later than Wednesday, December 8, 1999 to: Saundra
Rhode at (202) 785-4850.

**OR** You can also EMAIL all of the following information
to: srhodes@liscnet.org to sign on to the letter.

_________  I am signing on to the CHCDF FY2001 letter on
behalf of the following organization.




Mailing Address:

City, State & Zip:

Tel. Number:

Fax Number:

E-mail  Address:

Congressional District:

                ****The Sign-on Letter****
Mr. President:

The organizations that comprise the Campaign for Housing and
Community Development Funding and the undersigned
organizations request that you support a FY2001 Department
of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) budget that allows us
to continue building communities and developing homes for
all people, especially those who are poor.

The FY 2000 budget continued what we believe to be a
positive trend to meet the goal of affordable housing and
livable communities in this nation.

However, we continue to be concerned that the progress made
falls far short of meeting the ever increasing need.  HUD's
1998 worst case housing needs report shows that at least 5.3
million households pay more than half of their incomes for
rent and/or live in substandard homes.  The FY 2001 budget
should reflect a substantial down payment toward filling
this gap by, at a minimum, fully funding current programs
and significantly increasing the supply of affordable

Even in strong economic times, many low income people do not
live in safe, decent and affordable homes.  Federal housing
resources are essential to this nation's efforts to reduce
these housing burdens and to address the community
development needs of underserved people in order to
successfully prevent homelessness, maintain self
sufficiency, help people climb out of poverty and support
strong families and healthy children.  Affordable housing
can be a platform of opportunity for achieving these

In FY 2001, as more and more people reach their welfare time
limits, each HUD dollar becomes even more vital to the
stability of very low income families who are trying to
improve their economic status without having their incomes
consumed by housing costs.  HUD dollars also make a critical
difference for poor elderly persons living on fixed incomes,
people with disabilities, especially those who rely on
Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and low income families
with children facing difficult choices between paying for
shelter, food or medicine.

Expanded HUD funding in FY 2001 can help to build healthy
communities and can also help to meet the growing needs of
the residents in this nation's communities.  We, therefore,
urge you to submit a budget that increases HUD funding to
meet these needs.



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Nonprofit Resource Builders
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