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Anitra Freeman (
Fri, 3 Dec 1999 00:36:22 -0800 (PST)

On Wed, 1 Dec 1999, Tom Boland wrote:

> Are the Seattle Tent Cities in the Downtown or the "curfew" "riot
> zone" areas?

They are well out of the "curfew" zones.  the intention in the first
place was to give homeless people a refuge away from risk, and it has
proved even more necessary than we expected.

The nearest Tent City is on Capitol Hill.  They told me today that the
police cordons came within two blocks of them.  They weren't invaded,

> What do homeless folks have to say about the actions of protesters
> and police?

It's mixed attitudes, as usual.  Homeless people aren't a monolith.  Of
the folks at Tent City today, one said, "I'm against the WTO because
they are against the unions.  They want to hire children at 35 cents an
hour, ship our jobs and resources overseas."  I gave him my anti-WTO
rainslicker.  Another man grumbled, "All this demonstrating isn't going
to affect the WTO.  The WTO folks are sitting up in their fancy hotels
and couldn't care less.  The demonstrators are just tearing up the
town."  One man said, "I'm against the WTO, but I've got a lot of other
problems right now."  And one woman said, "I'm too young to know
anything about it."

> I think it's very exciting that systemic social issues are getting some
> attention via these protests.  A movement reborn!  Am I dreaming?

I think it's great, too.  And I am grateful to Seattle Police Chief Norm
Stamper for all the new converts he's made to our cause.  

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