Homeless Encampment at the RI Statehouse enters day 12 - Eric

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Thu, 2 Dec 1999 22:04:33 -0800 (PST)

Who in Providence, RI can help with advice, networking, publicity & supplies?

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People to End Homelessness in Rhode Island is now in its 12th night of
occupying the Statehouse lawn to protest the Governor's inaction on the
overflow at our emergency shelters. Up to 30 persons per night are being
forced to stay overnight at Travelers Aid, in a room not designed for
sleeping. People to End Homelessness is a group made up primarily of
homeless and formerly homeless people that works to support the human
rights and dignity of those forced into homelessness in our state. We have
turned the Statehouse lawn into a mulitple-tent temporary shelter to meet
the need for shelter and to dramatize the need for permanent housing for
those with low and no income. Our state government has no housing agency
and spends almost nothing to subsidize low-income housing. So far our
governor, Lincoln Almond, has had no response to our presence on the
Statehouse lawn.

Eric Hirsch


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