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>See for further details.
>Reclaim Seattle is a grassroots effort for the citizens of Seattle to
>reclaim their city after the WTO meeting.  We have a city in need of
>To start this healing process, we're simply asking that people wear green on
>Sunday December 5th.  We know it will take more than one day of wearing
>green.  We're also trying to bring folks together for an event sometime soon
>to purify downtown from the events of the past week. 
>Reclaim Seattle is a non-partisan project.  It doesn't matter if you love
>the World Trade Organization, hate the World Trade Organization or are
>somewhere in between - this isn't about that.  This is about loving - and
>healing - our great city.
>Can you volunteer?  Can you contact the media?  Can you contact people in
>government?  Can you contact people in business?  Can you tell everyone you
>(The original idea of wearing green this Sunday was PeterH's)
>Please email me at if you can support this
>Please forward this email to any person in the Seattle area you can.
>Please do not forward AT ALL after December 31, 1999.
>Charles Gust

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