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FWD - New York Coalition for the Homeless

The Coalition for the Homeless

Twenty years ago - on December 5, 1979 - the New York State Supreme Court
ruled in the landmark case Callahan v. Carey that a legal right to shelter
for homeless New Yorkers exists under the State Constitution.

Now Mayor Giuliani wants to eliminate the right to shelter for homeless
and individuals in New York City. He plans to eject homeless New Yorkers from
city shelters onto the streets for a minimum of 30 days if they fail to
comply with a long list of new requirements. The Mayor also plans to place
the children of ejected families into foster care.

Protest Mayor Giuliani's Plan to Throw Homeless Families and Individuals Out
of City Shelters Onto the Streets and Place Homeless Children in Foster

R A L L Y !!
Sunday, December 5th
3:00 p.m. Union Square
(Broadway and East 17th Street,
North Side of Union Square Park)$stargeneral/htm/x_dv.htm/_ibyx/cg0302
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NEW YORK (AP) _ The Coalition for the Homeless has been issued a
permit to hold a rally and overnight vigil in a city park on
Sunday, Mary Brosnahan, the group's executive director, said

The parks department issued the permit for the event, slated for
Union Square Park. Up to 2,000 people are expected to attend the
two-hour rally in the afternoon; between 100 to 200 are expected at
the overnight vigil that includes sleeping in the park on cots and
in cardboard boxes, said Patrick Markee, the group's senior policy

``We wanted to show the mayor what will happen if his policies
are enforced,'' Markee said.

The group has been critical of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's plan to
require homeless people to participate in the workfare program as a
condition for beds in city shelters.

The mayor and the Police Department have also come under fire
for the recent crackdown on homeless people following the Nov. 16
attack on a woman in midtown Manhattan. Nicole Barrett was struck
in the head with a brick, thrown by a man who may be homeless. The
police contend that homeless people found sleeping on the sidewalk
who refuse to move can be arrested.

The rally and vigil will mark the 20th anniversary since a state
court ruled that all homeless people have a right to emergency
shelter in the city.

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