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I only was attempting to show that the politicians were at least speaking
publically along the same lines as everyone has been shouting for a long
time now ,I take no credit nor ask for any for their lack pf empathy up
untill this point , but if you feel I am wrong so be it, is a information and posting of shelters,soup kitchens
and sounding board for area homeless and persons with disabilities because
these are minorities that are discriminated against the most!
 I am certain that the politicians pander to and prostitute themselves to
the general public,I welcome your opinon and will post it along with others
to the group....Thanking you for your honesty and passion!
 "A Brother In Peace And In Strife" Bill Tinker

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> Give us a break! You can tell a tree by its fruit.
> Clinton prefers the homeless to die on the streets, while Giuliani prefers
> they die in jail, or in a psych ward on deadly drugs.
> You call this progress? You really believe America's homeless are better
> now than when the Clintons took over the White House?
> The Clintons, Gores and their ilk couldn't care less, if the homeless live
> or die, as has been proven by their actions, time and again. Only when
> another election nears do they start talking like they really care, and
> there are unfortunately people still stupid enough to believe them.
> This is not the place to waste time, energy or space patronizing their
> political rhetoric. It is also an insult to those of us who have been
> fighting fascism all our lives for you to pat us on the back because
> liberal fascists are espousing our viewpoints, to rape the poor and
> homeless, once again.
> There is much to learn about homelessness, in America, and around the
> but we are not going to learn it from politicians sucking up to you or us
> for votes. Try "politics" mailing lists with your partisan viewpoints, not
> Homelessworld. ruben
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>   To All,                                                       12-1-99
>   Looks as though we might have a winter of discontent, but fellow
>   advocates if you are watching the news we have the Prez and wife saying
>   our veiw points so we must have finally struck a nerve, I have been
>   preaching this for about 3 months and I know you got tired of the
>   remailings of the plan to end homelessness but I think we have set a
>   agenda and our own platform now lets all disabled and displaced alike
>   out and change things by voting in our next state and local elections!!!
>   I also know you have been saying that "homelessness is not a crime for a
> long while now" well.... Tipper Gore is saying the same thing whats going
> on,... think they got our message?
>   "A Brother In Peace And In Strife"
>   Bill Tinker <>
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