Re: Fw: Working poor go hungry in CA, USA. Are Food Stamps the solution?

William Tinker (
Wed, 1 Dec 1999 22:02:49 -0500

 I realize what you are saying about food stamps not solving the dilemma of
our countries poverty,I have unmercifully e-mailed and re-emailed the
congress and Vice president as  Gore well as Hillary Clinton,and Tipper
Gore,I don,t know if you have seen any of their speeches or not but this
homeless plan has finally caught on fire as they are mouthing the words of
the homeless advocates "that homelessness is not a crime" and Hillary went a
step further by saying she would support housing instead of harrassment such
as mayor Guilliani,s[sp] recent wave of arresting homeless and forced
relocation etc, etc, in New York City!!
 I believe if we really push these ideas hard enough we can accomplish some
good and a real plan to end homelessness such as was submitted to VP Al Gore
by me personally about a week and a half ago in Londonderry N.H,it appears
Al Gore has got the message that the disabled and poor all need help in as
they have been dicriminated against long enough,and yes baby Jesus was born
with out a home also.....
 I wrote to Mayor Listman and the councillors of Toronto concerning this
same homeless plan which showed a reasonable plan that could be modified to
fit or work any place if implimented properly,of course I got nothing back
from them but thats alright I did get a response from councillor Tom Jakobek
...It was not any more than I expected but thats OK. I know where his
sympathy lies now and it is not with the improved lot of the homeless or
poor....Maybe some day John our two countries will learn from there past
mistakes,such as the Irish potato famine,which happened a bit before our
time but still history has a tendacy to repeat itself.....
 I hope you, re well and ready to celebrate the birth of the Christ
child,actually thats what Christmas is all about but we some how got alot
involved with commercialization,and its lost its real meaning!
 But I want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a better New
Year in 2000!!
 "A Brother In Peace And In Strife" Bill Tinker
you can post here John I would appreciate some comments once in a while it
keeps my blood moving!THANKS

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> Food stamps are not a solution or even a bandaid.  It
> is asperin.
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