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			Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
		  249 Sherbourne St. Toronto, Ontario M5A 2R9
		   Phone: (416)925-6939  Fax: (416) 925-9681



			---> THURS. December 2nd  11:30am
			103 & 105 West Lodge Ave., Parkdale
			   (near queen&lansdowne)

     Hundreds of working families at 103 & 105 West Lodge apartments in
Parkdale are facing eviction and homelessness.

     After a tenant rent strike in 1990, the City ordered the slumlord, Mr.
Wynn, to repair two notoriously bad apartment buildings.  For 10 years the
landlord was prohibited from charging yearly rent increases.  The City of
Toronto recently signed off the decade-old work orders allowing the
landlord to use the "maximum rent" provision in the so-called 'Tenant
Protection Act' to stack the rent increases and charge them all at once,
starting November 1st.  Tenant's requests for repairs are continually
ignored, while the city inspectors are "too busy" (or too friendly with
Mr. Wynn) to come and inspect the buildings again.  Not surprisingly a
large segment of the tenants can not afford a 30-50% rent increase.  In
effect, the landlord is attempting to clear the building of low-income
tenants so he can charge even higher rents.
		Tenants at West Lodge, with the Ontario Coalition
		Against Poverty, have invited community leaders to
		come to the buildings and inspect the apartments
		themselves.  Community leaders from social justice
		organizations, churches and unions will talk with
		tenants about their plight, and inspect the
		condition of apartments that families are now being
		gouged for by as much as 50%.  The landlord has
		already started filing mass eviction orders.  With
		a lack of affordable housing in Toronto, hundreds of
		families will likely join the ranks of the homeless.

    Contact Stefan Pilipa or John Clarke at (416) 925-6939 for more 

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