Street Vendors

Theodore Latham (
Wed, 31 Dec 1997 04:58:23 PST

Street Vendor is one of the many survival professions or resources as I 
term in on my website, that can put money into the pockets of a homeless 
person.  However there are many downtown business owners and 
anti-aggressive panhandling legislators/community groups who would 
rather see homeless vendors locked or asked to pack up and move on, 
rather than to see them prosper and earn the feeling of accomplishment 
that comes with a successful sell.  I urge you all (current & former 
homeless) to voice your opinions on issues of this nature to the fullest 
extent on the internet.  Due to the vast amount of information 
circulating on the internet today, there is a 50/50 chance that you will 
be heard by someone in a position of authority to due something about 
the harassments and ill treatment of street vendors, musicians, and all 
of the less privilidge people who ponder the streets day in and day out, 
with a set goal to better themselves and rise above.  For more 
information on anti-panhandling and homelessness in general. Please pay 
avisit to my website.  Be well!

                                                     Cordially Yours,
                                                     Tedrico Latham

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