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>Subject: Re: street market URL links to anti-vendor alerts
>Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 20:50:57 PST
>Happened alot in San Francisco to my musician buddies too when I was
>still homeless this past summer.  I say to each his own.  If you can
>make an honest buck, while homeless, as a street vendor despite how
>unappealing your setup looks.  Then our capitalistic country says by
>golly you can do it.  Store & Business owners who complain about this
>more than likely never have been homeless and when and if there day
>comes, they will have to atone for those complaints.
>                                                 Cordially Yours,
>                                                  Tedrico Latham
>>It bugs me when folks tell poor and homeless people to get a job, then 
>>permit rules and costs to stop them from street vending.  It happens
>>constantly here in in Boston, where many of my street musician friends
>>are homeless.
>>Many shopowners do not want competetion from micro-enterpreneurs who 
>>from kiosks or spread wares on blankets near their shops.  It's part 
of a
>>national trend to push "undesirables" (us!) from business districts 
>>"good" upscale neighborhoods.--Tom

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