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Mon, 29 Dec 1997 09:54:12 -0600

                      Today's FOCUS at HUD
                    Monday, December 29, 1997

President Clinton's new budget proposal will call for a record
$1.15 billion in federal funds to help more homeless Americans
find housing and become self-supporting, Secretary Andrew Cuomo
said Wednesday.

     The President will request $958 million for aid to
     localities for their own homeless assistance programs
     and $192 million in rental assistance vouchers under
     HUD's Section 8 program to make 34,000 apartments
     available to homeless Americans.  If enacted, the
     record homeless budget would also create a record
     increase in homeless spending in one year. 

     "We are not just spending more money on homeless
     programs -- we are spending money more effectively and
     more wisely, to do a better job both for homeless
     people and for the American taxpayer," Secretary Cuomo
     said.  "The key to our success is the close
     partnerships we have developed with local communities,
     empowering them to devise the best local programs to
     meet the particular needs of their homeless

     The funding -- up from $823 million in the current
     budget -- is part of the Continuum of Care homeless
     assistance initiative created by President Clinton in
     his first term.  While past efforts to help homeless
     people focused on emergency shelters, the Continuum of
     Care is designed to meet both emergency and long-term
     needs of homeless Americans, to help them get jobs and
     build independent lives.

     Besides providing homeless people with emergency,
     transitional and permanent housing, the grants to local
     governments and non-profit homeless services providers
     fund local programs such as job training, child care,
     substance abuse treatment and mental health services.

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