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From: Walter Smith <wsmith@LEHMAN.COM>
Date: Friday, December 26, 1997 2:55 PM

Ribbon Campaign Against Poverty

Over the last several years a number of "ribbon campaigns" have drawn
attention to various problems and concerns around the globe.
You may be aware of some of them:
        red     AIDS/HIV
        pink    Breast cancer
        white   Terrorism
        purple  Survivors of abuse
        green   Organ donation

It recently became apparent that a campaign should be started to focus
on the poor, homeless and hungry of the world.
On Christmas Eve at the Midnight Mass such a campaign was introduced
on the campus of St. John's University, New York.

Orange lapel ribbons were distributed and the assembly was encouraged to
spread the word by wearing these ribbons to raise a consciousness about
the concerns of the poor. Orange was selected because it is the color of
the harvest.  It is from this bounty that we are called to share with
those in need.

You, too, are invited to wear an orange lapel ribbon
        ...as you volunteer in soup kitchens or shelters
        ...as you teach and educate
        ...as you travel to and from work
        ...as you pray and play
        And encourage others to do the same!

Over time this can become an international campaign that will help the
world to focus on the problem of poverty and find ways to alleviate its

Please help.