Re: NCH and the Amarican Homeless Society

Virginia Sellner (
Fri, 26 Dec 1997 21:26:10 -0800

Right you are Anitra.  Virginia

At 06:08 PM 12/26/97 -0800, Anitra Again wrote:
>On Fri, 26 Dec 1997, Wandering Bear wrote:
>>  As Ive said again and again Im not accuseing any one of any thing at 
>> this point.But with the way you continue to dodge the issue of "Poverty 
>> Pimps" And be compleatly defensive when it's mentioned ,Im am begining 
>> to suspect that AHS is right.
>I have been answering your questions, instead of ignoring you, both
>out of respect for the possibility that you are sincerely interested
>in the truth, and out of respect for others "listening" in to the
>conversation, who deserve to hear a full discussion and not a few
>haphazard -- and possibly misleading -- remarks.
>I, and others here, are presenting ideas and facts, and discussing them.
>This is called "dialogue".
>It is not a practice of Sharon's, Ruben's, or the American Homeless
>Union, as far as I have seen.  They tend to define any attempt to
>discuss issues, beyond instant agreement with their stand, as
>In so doing, THEY practice mind control and suppression of the freedom
>of speech.
>I really hope you don't choose to follow such examples.
>~~ Anitra
> for a full list of websites
>and webrings because if I list them all here, you will be SO mad at me ...

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