Re: NCH and the Amarican Homeless Society

Anitra Again (
Fri, 26 Dec 1997 18:41:58 -0800 (PST)

It also occurs to me that some people are able to hold their own in
face-to-face meetings, and some aren't, for no more "ethically better"
reasons than one person is good at math and another is better at
drawing.  I have dear friends who -- because they have acute PTSD, or
for other reasons -- cannot handle physical confrontation at all, and
*have* to just completely cut ties with people who are abrasive.  And
I am quite aware that some of us can "think on our feet" and answer
questions imediately, while others can answer just as effectively but
have to deliberate for awhile.

I just wanted to clarify that i don't insist that everyone in the world
has to do exactly what i do.  Working at projects where you NEVER have
to talk to a living soul are useful and necessary for some people.
And i even believe that as frustrating as they can get, sometimes,
there is also a place and a need in our world for the extremist
voices. Sometimes the truth is only clarified in the dialogue between

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