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Virginia Sellner (
Fri, 26 Dec 1997 15:03:45 -0800

And what proof do you have that the people you accuse of this are doing
that?  What is wrong with them changing their minds, and realizing that this
is not what they should be doing and moving on in a positive way?  NCH is
attempting to impove the way they do things -- so why should they be
condemened for PAST actions?  Why not encouraged to change their ways and
move on?

I give up -- I'm signing off for the day, week, and rest of the year.


At 02:59 PM 12/26/97 PST, Wandering Bear wrote:
> As far as Im conserned theres only one definition for the term "Poverty 
>Pimps" :Those who use the poor for their own finacial gain.
>>Fine - then let's do it -- go after the poverty pimps -- I think 
>>agrees on that -- perhaps they do not agree on who they are.  Fine, 
>don't we
>>all ask for the truth?  BUT some people are not willing to listen to it 
>>it is stated.
>>There are plenty of agencies out there that could be called poverty 
>pimps by
>>some, that have one goal in mind, and that goal is to put themselves 
>out of
>>business by working towards the solution for homelessness, and 
>sometimes you
>>include these as Poverty Pimps when they are not.  
>>Once again if it does not fit AHS' definition then they arent 
>>Pay attention to what is said on this list == and maybe you'll learn a 
>>as a lot of us have.
>>At 02:40 PM 12/26/97 PST, Wandering Bear wrote:
>>>My target at this point is not N.C.H. or S.H.A.R.E. my target is 
>>>an understanding.A means to close the gap on misunderstanding.
>>> That means is a common goal between us.And from what I can gather 
>>>goal is to oppose "Poverty Pimps"
>>> Ive not made any accusation.And I dont care about any accusation made 
>>>at this point.
>>> The fact is that I do have a determand agenda to end the carrers of 
>>>poverty pimps.And All Im asking is a simple aggreement or disagreement 
>>>to this goal.
>>> I applaude your actions in including the homeless as equal in your 
>>>program.That is a something that is not done very often.
>>> Please dont take it wrong if I ask for the truth.Thats something we 
>>>need to expect.
>>>>> All I want is an aggreement that "poverty Pimps"are an even 
>>>>> greater danger to homeless rights that those who couldnt care less.
>>>>> And that we wont have any thing to do with them.
>>>>>  Aggreed?
>>>>Wandering Bear, would you take a moment to answer the points I made 
>>>>my post?  This is one of the frustrations that I have with Sharon and
>>>>Ruben.  They do not dialogue -- they do not listen to other people 
>>>>respond to what they actually say.  They come into a "discussion" 
>>>>an agenda, determined to push everything on that agenda, and never
>>>>depart from that agenda.
>>>>You are determined that we all disown "poverty pimps".  I, and SHARE,
>>>>have been spending a great deal of effort since June to call LIHI to
>>>>account and force them to actually give homeless people a voice in
>>>>their housing project decisions, instead of simply using our name to
>>>>get funding and then patronizing us.  We are struggling to make them
>>>>change, publishing the facts of their behavior to bring down public
>>>>pressure to make them change, we are meeting with them face to face.
>>>>I consider this to be actually *doing* something about the problem
>>>>Sharon and Ruben are screaming about.  But we have had no support 
>>>>Sharon or Ruben whatsoever.  Instead they attack Tim Harris, SHARE,
>>>>NCH -- organizations that I have seen do nothing but good.  Do you
>>>>understand why I give no credibility to their campaign?  I *am*
>>>>opposing those you call "poverty pimps".  I don't paint myself in
>>>>bright colors and strut in public proclaiming war -- I'm busy *doing*
>>>>something about the problem.  So is Gwen, so is Virginia, so are a 
>>>>of other people on this list who deal with patronizers every day and
>>>>force them back a hard-won inch by inch.
>>>>As I said in my post, there are obvious abusers all around us.  You
>>>>can call them poverty pimps, or you can call them exploiters, or you
>>>>can call them anything you wish because the CDA didn't pass, but if
>>>>you are passionate about these convictions *go after the real
>>>>Don't let anybody set you off after false targets just by pointing,
>>>>yelling, and using loaded words.
>>>>Another point I mad in my post that you did not respond to was -- put
>>>>most of your energy into positives.  Abusers must be opposed, yes --
>>>>but the main work of creating a better situation for all is going to
>>>>come from positive action for our friends, not negative action 
>>>>our enemies.
>>>>> >Go build something.
>>>>~~ Anitra
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