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Virginia Sellner (
Fri, 26 Dec 1997 14:56:22 -0800

Maybe we need clarification on this:  WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF A POVERTY
PIMP?  And once again a member of AHS is asking that we come to their views
and some of us are also asking that AHS look at what is here on hpn -- and
listen to people who DO NOT AGREE with every word they have to say.

And for me that is the end of the conversation.  There is no point in
continuing as you never really tell us what you are talking about, and you
don't answer questions.

Joining some of those that YOU call Poverty Pimps and perhaps are not at all
that is in some respects far better than joining a group that cannot discuss
or answer questions as in AHS, and you know perfectly well that I was part
of that group and tried to get them to LISTEN before labeling and they would
not do it -- 

It is a never ending useless debate.

It's over.


At 02:49 PM 12/26/97 PST, Wandering Bear wrote:
> I am advocating that you oppose "poverty pimps"!Tell them to their 
>faces that their not wanted.In dealing with "poverty Pimps" you become 
>one of them.I not saying that they shouldnt be confronted.They defenatly 
>should be.Im saying that you cant deal with them positivly
>with out compromiseing yourself.
>>This is one of the problems i have with the way you phrase things,
>>Wandering Bear.  To me, it takes less courage to "refuse to be
>>involved with them" than to *confront* such people and deal with them
>>Are you really advocating stayiong leagues away from anybody who is
>>not treating the homeless fairly, and never confronting them?
>>Also, quite frankly, I feel that if you had any true interest in
>>SHATE's stand on "pverty pimps", or that of anyone else on this list,
>>you would have learned it by now by listening to the discussions.
>>~~ Anitra
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