Re: NCH and the Amarican Homeless Society

Wandering Bear (
Fri, 26 Dec 1997 14:40:11 PST

My target at this point is not N.C.H. or S.H.A.R.E. my target is finding 
an understanding.A means to close the gap on misunderstanding.
 That means is a common goal between us.And from what I can gather that 
goal is to oppose "Poverty Pimps"
 Ive not made any accusation.And I dont care about any accusation made 
at this point.
 The fact is that I do have a determand agenda to end the carrers of all 
poverty pimps.And All Im asking is a simple aggreement or disagreement 
to this goal.
 I applaude your actions in including the homeless as equal in your 
program.That is a something that is not done very often.
 Please dont take it wrong if I ask for the truth.Thats something we all 
need to expect.

>> All I want is an aggreement that "poverty Pimps"are an even 
>> greater danger to homeless rights that those who couldnt care less.
>> And that we wont have any thing to do with them.
>>  Aggreed?
>Wandering Bear, would you take a moment to answer the points I made in
>my post?  This is one of the frustrations that I have with Sharon and
>Ruben.  They do not dialogue -- they do not listen to other people and
>respond to what they actually say.  They come into a "discussion" with
>an agenda, determined to push everything on that agenda, and never
>depart from that agenda.
>You are determined that we all disown "poverty pimps".  I, and SHARE,
>have been spending a great deal of effort since June to call LIHI to
>account and force them to actually give homeless people a voice in
>their housing project decisions, instead of simply using our name to
>get funding and then patronizing us.  We are struggling to make them
>change, publishing the facts of their behavior to bring down public
>pressure to make them change, we are meeting with them face to face.
>I consider this to be actually *doing* something about the problem
>Sharon and Ruben are screaming about.  But we have had no support from
>Sharon or Ruben whatsoever.  Instead they attack Tim Harris, SHARE,
>NCH -- organizations that I have seen do nothing but good.  Do you
>understand why I give no credibility to their campaign?  I *am*
>opposing those you call "poverty pimps".  I don't paint myself in
>bright colors and strut in public proclaiming war -- I'm busy *doing*
>something about the problem.  So is Gwen, so is Virginia, so are a lot
>of other people on this list who deal with patronizers every day and
>force them back a hard-won inch by inch.
>As I said in my post, there are obvious abusers all around us.  You
>can call them poverty pimps, or you can call them exploiters, or you
>can call them anything you wish because the CDA didn't pass, but if
>you are passionate about these convictions *go after the real
>Don't let anybody set you off after false targets just by pointing,
>yelling, and using loaded words.
>Another point I mad in my post that you did not respond to was -- put
>most of your energy into positives.  Abusers must be opposed, yes --
>but the main work of creating a better situation for all is going to
>come from positive action for our friends, not negative action against
>our enemies.
>> >Go build something.
>~~ Anitra
> for a full list of 
>and webrings because if I list them all here, you will be SO mad at me 

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