Re: NCH and the Amarican Homeless Society

Virginia Sellner (
Fri, 26 Dec 1997 14:15:55 -0800

Have they been wronged?  They have certainly wronged a lot of others that
did not deserve that attention.  They are only interested in fighting those
they see as poverty pimps and sometimes their title poverty pimp seems to
include other groups that are fighting the fight against homelessness, but
not doing it exactly as AHS thinks it should be done.  No one is going to
agree with everyone all the time.  It is AHS who is creating the problem
with the one way and only one way attitude.  I am sure that even those whom
they call poverty pimps (as SHARE and NCH) are also fighting the war and
they are fighting others who are really poverty pimps -- AHS turns too much
time and energy into fighting those that do not agree totally with them
rather than looking at the overall picture and agreeing to disagree, and
still join with others.


> Like I said in my last post it is not my intent to lay blame but to 
>find the truth.
> "There are some things that are obvously wrong no matter how you might 
>word it!"
> Some things can not be ignored or passed over as a simple 
>disagreement.the issue at hand is one of them.Im not accuseing N.C.H. or 
>S.H.A.R.E. of being "poverty pimps".
> I am Asking that they join Homeless Revolution and American Homeless 
>Socety in condeming "Poverty Pimps" and refuseing to be involved with 
>We are all under the EYE.We are all being watched and need to be able to 
>defend and explain our actions at any time.This is just what you have to 
>expect when your doing this kind of thing.
> A.H.S. isnt afraid but angry.They feel they have been wronged in some 
> This issue needs to be adressed.In the fight for homeless rights we can 
>not be divided.our enemies will use this against us.We cant afford to 
>disagree at this time.
>Wandering Bear
>>I don't think that NCH has a problem with AHS == but the AHS has a 
>>with NCH because NCH does not perform as THEY think they should.  It 
>>again is the matter of agreeing to disagree with something.  I don't 
>>that NCH are poverty pimps, but I sometimes see things in a much 
>>light than members of AHS do -- that is why I dropped away from them --
>>Share is not run by poverty pimps either.  For the most part NCH has 
>>silent =- when you've done no wrong there is no need to defend 
>>AHS is the one making all the noise which to me indicates that they are
>>"afraid" of something.  They do not check into things as closely as 
>>should, and they are never willing to forgive and forget.  The problem
>>basically lies with AHS.
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