Re: NCH and the Amarican Homeless Society

Virginia Sellner (
Fri, 26 Dec 1997 13:28:00 -0800

I forgot to put on my last post that I was part of the board of NCH for 5
years, and while I did not agree with everything, and the way everything was
done -- hardly ever does anyone agree with everything in any group, they are
basically a fair minded group that is trying to help end homelessness --
perhaps they need to listen more to the voices of the homeless and formerly
homeless on their board and take them seriously, but aside from that what
they are doing is making an honest attempt to change things.  It is not
easy, we all know that -- but they are trying..  Perhaps too so is AHS, but
they are not willing to listen to anyone with viewpoints that differ from
theirs -- and NCH is attempting to do that.


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