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I don't think that NCH has a problem with AHS == but the AHS has a problem
with NCH because NCH does not perform as THEY think they should.  It once
again is the matter of agreeing to disagree with something.  I don't think
that NCH are poverty pimps, but I sometimes see things in a much different
light than members of AHS do -- that is why I dropped away from them --
Share is not run by poverty pimps either.  For the most part NCH has been
silent =- when you've done no wrong there is no need to defend yourself.
AHS is the one making all the noise which to me indicates that they are
"afraid" of something.  They do not check into things as closely as they
should, and they are never willing to forgive and forget.  The problem
basically lies with AHS.


At 12:47 PM 12/26/97 PST, Wandering Bear wrote:
> Im not intrested in slaming any one with the title "Poverty pimps".
>Im interested in finding out the truth and putting an end to this 
>dispute between N.C.H. and the American Homeless Society.
> As a homeless rights activist Im stuck in the middle of this and I dont 
>want to have to chose sides between two allys in the war for homeless 
>rights.I also can not risk allying myself with "Poverty Pimps".The only 
>way that I can be sure of whats going on is that NCH and SHARE can agree 
>together with the American Homeless Socety that "Poverty Pimps" have no 
>place among us.
> I dont want to look at records.They can be faked,eather for or 
>against.All I want is an aggreement that "poverty Pimps"are an even 
>greater danger to homeless rights that those who couldnt care less.
>And that we wont have any thing to do with them.
> Aggreed?
>Peace Love and Light:)
>Wandering Bear
>Oregons Homeless Revolution
>>Wandering Bear, I understand your anger at people who patronize and
>>explore the poor.  I've felt that frustration myself, from the
>>daycenter volunteer who was so gushingly, cooingly "proud" of me over
>>the publication of my first poem that I sincerely craved to bite her
>>nose, to the staff of the Low Income Housing Institute who regard it
>>as silly and obstructive of SHARE to insist on equal decision-making
>>power in a project we are "paper partners" in.
>>But does this mean that as soon as anyone is accused of being "poverty
>>pimps" you get angry at them?
>>It is almost impossible to prove a negative.  I'm over here in Seattle
>>Washington -- go ahead and ask me to *prove* I don't patronize or take
>>advantage of any of my colleagues.  If you are determined to believe
>>that I do, there isn't a damn thing I can do to change your mind.
>>It takes money to do just about anything.  It takes what seems to me
>>to be an outlandish amount of money to fix a broken copying machine or
>>to buy toner.  If you were to set up a bare-bones organizing effort in
>>a low-rent district with donated office equipment and recycled paper,
>>you would probably spend $30,000 in the first year -- if your
>>volunteers all worked for the going rate of love and air.  But is it
>>really economic justice to work our volunteers like slave labor?  so
>>you start giving the people who work 60 hours a week for you a livable
>>wage of $18,000 a year -- and you now have a $100,000 a year
>>operation, and people are yelling at you about how many people you
>>could feed with $100,000 and where is all that money going and 
>>you must be getting rich off the poor people you poverty pimp.
>>If you really want to sit down with NCH's accounting books and analyze
>>them, go do it.  Have a headache.  But in the meantime there are gross
>>and obvious signs of people who are brazenly abusing the poor, all
>>around you.  The big-business/Department of Justice coalition passing
>>anti-poor-people laws all over the country.  Organizations like LIHI
>>that have grassroots "partners" for funding purposes but give them no
>>real decision-making voice.  The INS treating immigrants to this
>>country with no human dignity or human rights, while our government
>>trumpets its indignation at foreign countries for violating human
>>rights. Policemen raping prisoners with bathroom plungers.  Women
>>hounded in their own home by legal authorities, because a relative
>>said they were "acting strange".
>>If you have the courage to challenge the exploiters of the poor, then
>>go after the people who are doing it.  The big, powerful, dangerous
>>people who have demonstrated that they do take physical action against
>>those who criticize them.  Confront them directly, in their offices
>>and at public meetings -- as SHARE and NCH and all of the other people
>>taht Sharon screams against do.  While I have never heard Sharon utter
>>a peep against anyone really dangerous, or seen her sit down to a real
>>dialogue with anyone she disagrees with.
>>It takes no courage at all to lob accusations at someone through
>>email.  It takes courage to sit down at the table with someone you
>>disagree with and take the risk that they might change your mind on
>>something.  it takes courage to sit down at the table with someone
>>powerful and take the risk that you might not be able to prove your
>>case, that your facts may prove wanting, that your rhetoric may not
>>carry the day.
>>The day that technology develops a way to travel the electron tunnels
>>carrying an aluminum baseball bat, I'll give points for courage to
>>people who make flaming insults by email.  At the current state of
>>technology, it is a false and flashy courage.
>>It is less flashy to go carry trash and mend the walls of a shelter.
>>It is less flashy to quietly bring food for a group and share it with
>>them, without making a big deal about where it came from.  It is less
>>flashy to spend half an hour talking with a lonely woman.  But these
>>are the things that are going to build something.  Something new, and
>>independent of all exploiters.
>>Go build something.
>>~~ Anitra
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