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                             THE WHITE HOUSE

                      Office of the Vice President
For Immediate Release                                  December 22, 1997


                    Gore, Cuomo Also Launch Drive to
               Collect 500,000 Books for Homeless Children

    WASHINGTON -- Vice President Al Gore today announced $865 million
in grant assistance to help homeless Americans find housing and become
self-sufficient.  The Vice President, joined by Housing and Urban
Development Secretary Andrew Cuomo, also announced that more than
200,000 books have been collected as part of a new drive to distribute
half a million donated books to homeless children.

    "During this holiday season, all of us must recommit ourselves to
helping homeless Americans achieve what most of us take for granted --
a safe place to live and the opportunity to become responsible,
self-sufficient citizens," the Vice President said.  "These new
resources will go a long way toward helping homeless citizens move off
the sidewalks and into jobs -- to find homes and hope."

    The $865 million in HUD assistance will go to 320 communities, all
50 state governments, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.  Seven
hundred million dollars of the HUD assistance announced today is in the
form of Continuum of Care competitive grants to governments and
non-profit groups to provide long-term solutions to homelessness.  In
all, 1,396 homeless assistance projects will get these grants and at
least 330,000 homeless people will be assisted.

    The other $165 million in assistance announced today is funding for
the Emergency Shelter Grants program, which is distributed through a
formula based on a community's housing and poverty needs.  States and
cities select local projects to receive funding.

    "These grants are a matter of life and death for homeless people,"
said HUD Secretary Cuomo.  "Without this assistance, more men, women
and children would die.  More would remain homeless, trapped in a
nightmare world where no American should live.  Because of these
grants, some of the most vulnerable Americans are getting a second
chance to reach for the American Dream."

    The book drive announced today has already collected 205,000 books
-- 100,000 from the Walt Disney Company, 60,000 from Simon & Schuster,
Inc., and 45,000 from Time Warner, Inc.  This total amounts to more than
one book for each of the 165,000 estimated homeless children in the
nation.  Other publishers are expected to make donations.  This book
drive is part of HUD's Take Ten Homeless Campaign.  The unprecedented
national initiative is designed to recruit more Americans to help
homeless people become self-sufficient.

    The Vice President and Secretary Cuomo urged Americans to join the
book drive by donating books to local homeless shelters in their
communities.  People who need help identifying a local shelter can call
HUD's Homeless Information Line (1-800-HUD-1010) toll-free, from 8 AM
to 8 PM (ET) weekdays.

    For further information on HUD Homeless Assistance Grants, contact
HUD Public Affairs at (202) 708-0980.