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Homelessness in America:  Unabated & Increasing:  A Ten Year Perspective.  Dec.
1997  Available from the National Coalition for the Homeless. Cost:  $6.25 to
cover printing & postage costs.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the signing of the McKinney Act. It is
an occasion worthy of our reflection.  This paper examines how we have fared in
our efforts to address homelessness, what we have learned, and where we need to
go to close this grim and shameful chapter of this nation's history and to
ensure that homelessness is not part of America's future.

The paper was written to jog the memory of those who have forgotten and to
educate those who never knew, to combat the short-sightedness of current
policy-making, and to renew the call for a national response to end
homelessness.  The massive increase in homelessness that this report documents
is a stinging indictment of a failed approach.  The research and interviews will
hopefully remind us that homelessness is neither inevitable nor acceptable.

National Coalition for the Homeless
1012 14th St., NW; 6th fl.
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