Christmas greetings

Bonnie Briggs (
Wed, 24 Dec 1997 06:20:22 PST

Bonnie Briggs
Hi gang,
  Hey, cool Yule and Happenin' Hannukah! Hope you all have awesome plans 
for the holidays. Did anyone volunteer at a Christmas dinner for 
homeless people? My drop-in, The Meeting Place, had their Christmas 
dinner last night for its members. We have it every year. We have a tree 
which has been set up and decorated by the members, Christmas tapes 
playing, red and green plastic tablecloths,& red and green paper 
napkins. On each table, there are small, red and green Christmas 
tree-shaped beeswax candles. This year, we even small, Lindt chocolate 
Santas at each place setting. The members help in the decoration, 
set-up, and even in the cooking and serving of the turkey dinner. We 
have gifts for everyone who comes to the party and a Santa to give them 
out. This year, I was Santa. I also helped in the set-up. It is a 
private affair, only for the members of The Meeting Place. This is the 
one time of the year when the family can get together and celebrate, and 
we are like a family. Members also help in cleaning up after the party 
and setting up the drop-in for the next day. left-over turkey is made 
into a soup to be served either the next day or shortly after. It is a 
lot of fun. I look forward to it every year. I never open my present 
right away, I always take it home and put it under my tree. 
Unfortunately, I end up giving some of it away because I am a 
cross-dresser and don't wear women's clothes which is what I usually 
get. But, sometimes, some of the other male members give me some of 
their stuff if they don't want it. So, I usually end up with something I 
can use. This year, a male friend of mine gave me a man's scarf and a 
pair of Thinsulate men's gloves. I can use these things. I can wear the 
gloves under my mitts to keep my hands warm. 
  Anyway, I had fun. Then, I went home and started getting ready for my 
own Christmas. I have some friends coming for Christmas. This way, none 
of us are alone for Christmas. I got some fruit and vegetables in my 
Christmas Box and one of my friends is bringing a turkey. We will have a 
godd Christmas feast. 
  As you go through your Christmas, have a good thought for the 
homeless. Let's work to make their future Christmas's happy and warm. 


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