Polish homeless demo attacked by nazis FWD

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Wed, 24 Dec 1997 03:55:24 -0800 (PST)

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From:         Piotr Smyrak <piero@EKOIDEA.MOST.ORG.PL>
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Subject: homeless action
23.12.97 Wroclaw

Yesterday the Wroclaw section of Anarchist Federation organized
an action in solidarity with the homeless people.

The action message was "take back the goverment palaces and give
to homeless people". The action started in front of the office of
the Solidarity trade union that supports the right wing goverment
that took over the power after the latest elections. That action
participants went to the market suare were the catholic coalition
got its offices. All the time a big police squad was following the

In solidarity, Piotr Smyrak <piero@ekoidea.most.org.pl>
Date:         Tue, 23 Dec 97 16:19:58 CET
From:         Zaczek <GAWLIK@PLEARN.EDU.PL>
Subject:      homelessness actions
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Our leafleting action demanding government hotels be given to homeless people
was ok, nothing special. In warsaw there is not much of those hotels, so
we're not planning occupations here, we will probably do some backgroud
work with the homeless from the central train station. This station is not
a very
pleasant place, there's lot of nazis and police and private police, but the
homeless will not go anywhere else.

It would be good if we could organise the taking over of some empty house
for a shelter, but those people are totally apathic and don't want to change
anything in their lives, even though they are beaten up every day at this
station.  When we were putting the posters before the demo, we met one
homeless guy who is totally nuts, he has anti-masonic schizophrenia and we
meet him every time we glue some posters in the night. Somehow he always
likes our posters...

By the way i made a mistake, in the more strict abortion law, pregnancy
resulting from rape actually CAN be legally aborted.

Date:         Tue, 23 Dec 97 16:21:52 CET
From:         Zaczek <GAWLIK@PLEARN.EDU.PL>
Subject:      anarchist&homeless demo attacked by nazis
To:           Multiple recipients of list ALTER-EE <ALTER-EE@PLEARN.EDU.PL>

Yesterday or the day before, FA in Cracow has organised a demo in support
for homeless people at the office of the ruling catholic party, which was
fighting for more strict abortion laws. The slogan was "if you care so much
about unborn citizens, maybe you could pay some attention to the citizens
that are already born, but are starving and freezing to death".  A few
homeless people were participating in the demonstration.

The demo was attacked by nazis from an organisation called "All-polish
Youth" or something like this, one of the anarchists landed in a hospital
with minor head injury.

This nazi organisation is getting quite well organised, they have sections
in many other cities in poland, and we start to hear about them quite

Sunday, we are doing our demo in Warszawa, let's hope it doesn't end so bad.

More optimistically, alter-ee has now about 100 subscribers, one of them
is Stanislaw Gorka from Silesia, s_gorka@vela.filg.uj.edu.pl
you can ask him questions about Bielorussia.