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Virginia Sellner (
Tue, 23 Dec 1997 16:01:00 -0800

We need to be able to agree to disagree without theattacks on each other
that seem to emanate periodically from AHS towards people that they don't
even necessarily really deal with.  It is a waste of time and energy.  That
time and energy could better be spent on a positive note rather than
continual negativity.  Look for the good -- it is there in everyone.  We
can't conquer anything with this divisive attitude projected by some.  Virginia

At 02:01 PM 12/23/97 PST, Wandering Bear wrote:
> My particular defenition of free speach is pretty fluid itself.
>Just what is the facts to be faced here?
> Ive often found that it takes two to tango?
>The thing that The amarican homeless society is against the most is 
>"poverty pimps" Those who take money for the homeless than put it in 
>their own pocket while giving very little to the homeless as they can.
>Then treet the homeless as third class citezens.And I agree with him on 
>it.Organizations who do this should be stoped.
> Is this what he's saying N.C.H. is doing?
>If it is I need to know that this isnt happening.
> In most shelters Ive been in the homeless are treated like 
>prisoners,while the staff live and eat in luxury that what payed for by 
>donations to the shelter.Im shure you would agree that this in not an OK 
>situation.The American Homless Societies main reason is to put an end to 
> Can we agree that this is nessissary?
>Peace Love and Light:)
>Wandering Bear
>>Wandering Bear, on the surface this sounds great.  But conflicts are
>>not truly resolved by refusing to face facts.  And the facts are that
>>there IS no war on the part of NCH.  The "war" is wholly and absolutely
>>instigated, fueled and maintained by the American Homeless Society.
>>It is impossible for the NCH to "reconcile" with someone who is
>>determined to fight with them.
>>When Ruben and Sharon show the ability and willingness to talk with --
>>instead of at -- and to work with others, then you can ask others to
>>work with them.  But you are going to have a lot to do with Sharon and
>>Ruben first, before you reach that point.
>>Ruben and Sharon have an amazingly fluid definition of "free speech".
>>They characterize their own vicious attacks as "mild constructive
>>criticism", and howl whenever they are told to lay off.  But my offer
>>to publicly post any documentation anyone has to refute Sharon's
>>charges they call "character assassination".  When I posted
>>documentation refuting Mike Lee's charges against SHARE, Sharon took
>>the brave stand for free speech of refusing to accept any posts from
>>me any longer, and objecting when my posts showed up on other mail
>>I will always call anyone on inaccurate statements, especially if they
>>are malicious inaccurate statements.  This is not "war".  This is
>>It is not pacifism to refuse to call a lie a lie.  It is not love to
>>let people continue destructive and self-destructive behavior without
>>calling them on it.  It is not productive to the homeless/activist
>>community to let people spread false and malicious charges and not be
>>called on their behavior.
>>This *will* happen, repeatedly.  This has not been the first time that
>>someone has tried to make themselves out to be a hero by dragging
>>someone else down, and it won't be the last time either.  The cleanest
>>way to deal with it is not by "negotiating", but by clearly stating
>>the facts.
>>The only reason I commented on Sharon's post was to keep any innocent
>>bystanders from being misinformed.  That is the intention of everyone
>>else, including Chuck Currie, Virginia Sellner, Michael Stoops, myself
>>and Tim Harris -- prevent the spread of false information, and make
>>source information available -- the kind of thing that can be 
>>verified, a standard Sharon and Ruben notably lack in application.
>>I do agree that this fight is uneccessary and harmful.  Therefore I
>>suggest you concentrate on getting the American Homeless Society to
>>find a more productive use for its energies.  The rest of us already
>>have.  In spite of its monumental size in the world of Ruben and
>>Sharon, this "war" of theirs occupies very little of my life or that
>>of any of their named "enemies".
>>There is no way short of the heat death of the universe you are going
>>to please both sides in this conflict.  Don't try.  Take the stand that
>>you believe is right, and take responsibility for following through on
>>~~ Anitra
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