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Hello Anitra and everyone at HPN,

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"LOL! Morgan, you could have kept me going for *ages*, if you'd wanted
to! I probably slid right past a bunch of references I should have
gotten -- I felt a kind of empathy with you that made me assume you
were female.  There I go tripping over my own assumptions.

One of the women in an online writing class I took *did* keep us all
going for months.  She was able to write from a man's viewpoint or
from a woman's viewpoint, convincingly.  She used initials and it
pleased her to keep us guessing about her gender and to make the point
that it really shouldn't matter.

I loved the novels of a writer named F.M. Busby.  Several of those
novels were from the viewpoint of a woman named Rissa Kerguelen.
Rissa was so real to me that I took it for granted F.M. was one of the
women writing sf who used their initials.  Years later I met his wife
at a science-fiction convention.  When I told her I had always thought
F.M. was a woman, she said, "You must tell him that!  He will be so

I finally joined the Food not Bombs list.  Recently someone used a
great quote on there -- "Live your life, not your gender."

Well, Morgan, I guess you're successfully doing that! :)"

I appreciate yours kind words and your empathy. You truly honor me by 
them. Thank you so very much!!! 
As for those matters that pertain to the spirit and what I believe life 
is truly about or meant to be, I have strived to be and live as I 
perceive we are meant to be in the spirit and have attempted not be 
limited either by what we appear to be or are in the flesh. As for those 
matters that pertain to the flesh and what or who we appear to be or are 
in the flesh, I attempt to live my life in a way that I believe our 
spirit and humanity will thrive from and that will lead to liberation of 
others from oppression both external and internal.
A saying I've appreciated is:
"We are not human beings having spiritual experiences, we are spiritual 
beings having human experiences." author/source unknown

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