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Anitra Again (
Tue, 23 Dec 1997 11:26:36 -0800 (PST)

LOL! Morgan, you could have kept me going for *ages*, if you'd wanted
to! I probably slid right past a bunch of references I should have
gotten -- I felt a kind of empathy with you that made me assume you
were female.  There I go tripping over my own assumptions.

One of the women in an online writing class I took *did* keep us all
going for months.  She was able to write from a man's viewpoint or
from a woman's viewpoint, convincingly.  She used initials and it
pleased her to keep us guessing about her gender and to make the point
that it really shouldn't matter.

I loved the novels of a writer named F.M. Busby.  Several of those
novels were from the viewpoint of a woman named Rissa Kerguelen.
Rissa was so real to me that I took it for granted F.M. was one of the
women writing sf who used their initials.  Years later I met his wife
at a science-fiction convention.  When I told her I had always thought
F.M. was a woman, she said, "You must tell him that!  He will be so

I finally joined the Food not Bombs list.  Recently someone used a
great quote on there -- "Live your life, not your gender."

Well, Morgan, I guess you're successfully doing that! :)

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