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Morgan Brown (
Tue, 23 Dec 1997 08:25:54 PST

Hello all!

Thank you Anitra for your response to this thread. I appreciate
that you provided the information about it that you did. I 
wasn't planning to respond, but because I thought I should post a
correction to the following #4 which because of being online, my name
and sometimes the nature or spirit of my posts or writings, you and 
others never could have known. No problem; but I figured that I'd 
just let you know:

On: Tue, 23 Dec 1997
Anitra Again <> wrote:

"4) Morgan's page on Tripod is her personal publication, not a
commercial enterprise of any sort.  Her Kwanzaa card was a personal
greeting card to her friends, delivered in a non-traditional -- but
increasingly popular -- manner."

With the exception of the references to me as "her", everything here
and elsewhere is correct and I agree with Anitra. But, I am a him or he.
:-) However, please note that no offense is taken. Thank you again 
Anitra for your supportive words, deeds and posts.
"Calling it a "pyramid scheme" smells like a severe disjunction
from reality."

My response to the "pyramid scheme" reference made of the card sent 
via Tripod, was: "Huh?! Yeah. Okay." And, after some laughter to my
self, I used my delete key and moved on to the next message. My 
laughter is about the situation and not of the sender of that post. I
judge you not and ask not to be judged. As I said in my card post, 
I'm new to this online stuff, but that doesn't mean that I don't
know a few things either. I know what a pyramid scheme is and I
would never partake in one. Tripod is commercial, just like Hotmail
is. Without them I could not be online and being online helps me
stay alive and struggle to survive. For my part, I will take 
something from what I believe is being indicated and will learn from 
it and will not send future such things onto this or other lists that 
anyone would find unnecessary, commercial or offensive. In the future 
it would be more helpful if a person had an opinion of another's posts
such as  in this manner, that they respond to the person directly. 
The matter could then be taken to Tom or another, if needed, if it 
could not be resolved to mutual satisfaction. 
Anyway, as far as this thread goes, I'm willing to drop it, laugh,
learn and move on to the next thread.

Morgan <
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