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Bonnie Briggs (
Mon, 22 Dec 1997 13:58:04 PST

>I sent this in to the Homeless Discussion list, but forgot to send a
>copy here.  I want to keep everybody posted.  I think if this idea of
>a homeless nesgroup is going to be successful, it needs to be a
>community project -- the whole* homeless community, not any
>particular "faction".
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>Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 10:04:31 -0800 (PST)
>From: Anitra Again <>
>To: Homeless Discussion List <>
>Subject: Re: alt.homeless
>Serendipity and synchronicity.  I was just contacted by The Great
>Speckled Bird, an organization that has set up several newsgroups,
>about setting up a homeless-discussion newsgroup.
>You can check out their websites and their newsgroups at
>Basically, our newsgroup would probably be called alt.thebird.homeless
>Being associated with their family of newsgroups, it would be picked
>up on a large number of news servers, and have a much better chance of
>growing and lasting.  they could also get it up and running in about
>24 hours, where going through the proposal process for a totally new,
>independent newsgroup is a long, drawn-out business, taking at least
>several months -- from what I have seen of the process.
>They are adamantly opposed to censorship or moderated lists, which
>relieves me.  I had intended to open up the topic of 'moderated' or
>'unmoderated' next.  I would prefer an unmoderated list, myself.  i
>would rather exercise my own delete key than have someone else filter
>my messages for me.
>They do have teams of monitors for each list.  Monitors do not
>approve-or-reject posts, or subscribe-unsubscribe posters (which
>can't be done on a newsgroup anyway, as far as i know).  Monitors
>answer questions, post FAQ's and other helpful material, direct people
>to other forums when that would be helpful -- they do not control
>content in any way.
>I would still like to see a broad spectrum in the monitors, in order
>to encourage a broad spectrum in the list.
>I would like to nominate the following monitors:
>	Dan Myers
>	Tom Boland
>	Robert Norse
>	Andrew Rose
>	Anitra Freeman
>As I've said, we could be up and going almost immediately if this list
>is acceptable to the people interested in it.
>Updates since then -- 
>Robert Norse has said that he won't be able to be a monitor, for time
>pressures.  How about you two, Andrew and Tom?
>Dan Myers and a couple of people who wrote to me privately are not
>wildly enthusiastic about The Great Speckled Bird, and would rather
>have an independent newsgroup.  A couple of other people like the idea
>of "piggybacking" on someone established, to get "broadcast" more.
>Not many voices are in, yet.
>I am going to hold off on giving The great speckled one a go-ahead on
>the newsgroup, but i am probably going to set up a Homeless
>column-area for them.  I'm going to be after all of you for columns!
>This will be a way to promote the newsgroup, even if it isn't directly
>associated with Speckled-One.
>It's deadline time!  I'm off again ...
>Oh -- Tom, or Andrew -- could you bring this up in Food Not Bombs?
>i'm not going to have enough time today.
>see you all!
>~~ Anitra
> for a full list of 
>and webrings because if I list them all here, you will be SO mad at me 

Bonnie Briggs
Hi Anitra,
  This sounds like a great idea, but isn't hpn a homeless newsgroup? 
Everyone on hpn is either currently or formerly homeless. To me, a 
second homeless newsgroup seems redundant. I'd be concerned about 
duplication of posts for people, like me, who are subscribed to hpn, 
Streetmail, and alt.homeless. Believe me, I get enough post duplication 
now. My 2 cents worth. 

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