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Morgan Brown (morganbrown@hotmail.com)
Mon, 22 Dec 1997 12:43:40 PST



Hello all!

I'm new to all this online stuff and still have lots to learn. I sent 
out other cards earlier and I'm sorry that they may not have worked for 
you or the card's picturse did not come up for those who visited the 
link. I sent one for Christmas, another for Hannukah, and one for 
Kwanzaa-that one never seemed to come through, so I redid it and sent it 
to myself so I could forward it to you this way. For those who cannot 
visit the link provided to see the actual card (the graphics should work 
this time for those who can visit the link) I am providing the text 
below that I wrote for each of you at HPN.


--------Forwarded message----------

Dear Everyone at HPN,

Tripod member Norsehorse  has created a Happy Kwanzaa card for you at:



                 Dear Everyone at HPN, 
  Happy Kwanzaa to everyone at HPN! May each of you who
 may share in the celebration of this season of faith be blessed
 with the happiness that can come from such sharing, faith and
 acts of human kindness brought forth throughout the years of
  ones life. May each of you find for yourselves the happiness,
  peace, love, housing, food, employment, human contact and
 kindness and true compassion that each of you may seek for
others in your work as activists, advocates or citizens. May you
  be blessed as you bless all those you are fighting to support
 so hard with. As you take moments to contemplate your role or
 place in this world, may you find yourselves nourished in long
  moments, hours, days and longer with the knowledge, faith
 and wisdom that you are indeed an important member of the
   human species and that you are never really ever alone in
 spirit. May you know that who you are and what you are doing
  is valued and really does count for all those you are doing it
          with and for. Morgan Morgan W. Brown
 morganbrown@hotmail.com Homeless in Montpelier Vermont
              USA Norsehorse's Home Turf:

------------End of forward----------------

Thank you Tom for forwarding on the Hannukah card text.
I am sorry for any frustration that these posts might have brought 
anyone. -Morgan

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