Re: Fw: If -- by Rudyard Kipling

Tom Boland (
Sat, 20 Dec 1997 01:48:24 -0800 (PST)

>> Can we convince the unconvinced that cooperation work wonders?  How?
>Anti-testosterone therapy?

Anitra, you may be on to something!  The cutthroat crowd does seem to be,
if not exclusively male, at least male dominated.  Who knows if it's nature
or nurture?  I wish our books and flowers could defend us from their guns.

As to Kipling, he was a a pawn of empire and a condescending elitist.  But
he sure knew how to write riveting tales and poems, and the British mases
loved him because he spoke in the commoner's tongue.  His poems remind me
of those of Cananda's Robert Service, whose verse so lovingly chronocled
the colorful characters of the Klondyke gold rush.

Write on, Anitra.--Tom, wannabe poet from Slummerville, Mass.