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Date: Friday, December 19, 1997 11:34 AM
Subject: activist cookbook

>Announcing...a new tool for creative social action:
>Creative Actions For A Fair Economy
>A new 100-page manual showcasing some of the best media
>stunts, street theater skits and creative direct actions
>from the labor, environmental and social justice movements.
>This hands-on manual empowers organizers, artists and
>educators to get their message across in powerful creative
>"Read this book and then get out there and mix it up!"
> - Michael Moore
>+ 100 pages packed with eye-catching graphics and photos
>+ Strategies and tactics for talking about wealth, poverty
>and inequality
>+ A survey of creative action cuisines: everything from
>billboard correction to guerrilla theater
>+ A soup-to-nuts guide for cooking and serving your own
>creative actions
>+ Complete do-it-yourself recipes for producing our most
>well-known performances in your community, including: the
>100 Musical Chairs, Inequality Olympics, Corporate Soup
>Kitchen, and Rich People's Liberation Front
>$16, postage included.  Bulk discounts available.
>Charge by phone or send check or money order to:
>United for a Fair Economy.
>37 Temple Place, 5th floor.
>Boston, MA 02111.
>http://www.stw.org.  (check out the web site for more info!)
>is a national organization founded in 1994 to focus public
>attention on economic inequality in the United States-and
>the implications of inequality on American life and labor.
>Contact us for a full resource and literature list.