Illinois Mental Health Laws

Morgan Brown (
Thu, 18 Dec 1997 14:58:58 PST

Hello all!

For those living in or around Illinois or for others interested in the 
mental health laws in that state:

While I'm unsure whether or not the following information will prove 
useful or be a place to begin to research the mental health laws in 
Illinois, someone had e-mailed me with a request for such information, I 
finally did a search and came up with the following from the 
*Illinois State Web Page:

*Illinois Legislative Web Page:

Access to Mental Health Statues, resources, advocacy and information:

*Legal Advocacy Services:
-this site offers many great places to obtain information you may be 
wanting to research including:

*Illinois Mental Health Statutory Acts*:

*including, the Illinois Living Will Act:

and, the Powers of Attorney Acts: one for property and another for 
health care decisions-see the above URL for the *M.H, Statutory Acts*
Plus more.

*Legal forms that Illinois Residents Can Use:

Illinois Protection & Advocacy Services
(these are independent fedrally mandated services)

Illinois Client Assistance Program 
100 N. First Street, 1st Floor 
Springfield, IL 62702 
Phone: 217-782-5374 
Fax: 217-524-1790 

(PAIMI=Protection & Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness)
Equip for Equality, Inc. 
11 East Adams, Suite 1200 
Chicago, IL 60603 
Phone: 312-341-0022 Voice/TDD \ 800-537-2632 
Fax: 312-341-0295 

I also needed this info myself, because of thelegislative work we're 
doing here in Vermont. It helps my peers and I to know what other states 
are doing and of what may be useful and what isn't.
If anyone else knows of other information or resources concerning the 
above, please either post it and/or e-mail me cause I am real 

Morgan W. Brown <>
Montpelier Vermont USA
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