More Americans hungry, homeless: report (fwd)

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Thu, 18 Dec 1997 12:55:34 -0800 (PST)

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Subject: More Americans hungry, homeless: report

   WASHINGTON, Dec 14 (AFP) - More Americans are seeking emergency  
food assistance and shelter despite their country's continuing 
economic growth, according to a report by the US Conference of 
Mayors due out Monday. 
   The number of people who have requested emergency food  
assistance increased 16 percent in 1997, while three percent more 
people tried to get into homeless shelters, the survey said. 
   The number of families seeking emergency food assistance has  
increased an average of 13 percent, the survey said, and in 22 
percent of these cases there was insufficient food to give them. 
   The study of 29 big cities found that 76 percent of them had to  
limit the amount of food they give people or the frequency of food 
   Drug use and unemployment were not the causes for the growing  
demand for food assistance, the study said. Instead, low-paying and 
part-time jobs lacking benefits such as health insurance were making 
it impossible for families to make ends meet. 
   Families were making up a greater share of those trying to get  
into homeless shelters, the study said, representing 35 percent of 
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