Another use for webrings

Anitra Again (
Thu, 18 Dec 1997 02:54:52 -0800 (PST)

There are many useful lists of homeless shelters and other resource
information, including that at NCH.  I still think that every extra
effort to spread information about such resources, and to support the
groups providing them, is useful.

I have created a new webring, called Inside, to link webpages
providing shelter and other resource information.  The advantage of
webrings over lists of links is that they are automatically maintained
-- ever time a new member joins the ring, the central listing of all 
member pages is updated by the webring software, taking a litle bit of
work off of all the webpage managers.

You can check out the new ring at either
or at

We also have webspace available, or you can apply for your own at 

A word of warning -- both of these servers have proved erratic, which
is why I have created the webpages at both locations, so that if one
goes down the other will hopefully be up.  If you would like us to
host a webpage for you, I would also post it mirrored, to improve
dependability of access.

I am willing to help any shelter or resource organization that does
not yet have a web-presence develop a webpage and link it into the

I have also established a webring for nonprofit agencies and a webring
for affordable housing groups.

These are all new.  They will grow if they prove useful.  Decide for
yourselves if they look useful to you.
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