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United Native Americans of New England (UNANE)
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"UAINE December 16 message"

>        Dear friends:  We have heard from people all over the Americas and
all over the world, including Australia and Europe.  We have been especially
moved by the youth and students who have contacted us and want to know what
they can do to help.  Demonstration at the courthouse on January 29.  At
this time, we are simply asking that those who can, come to the courthouse
that day to show their support for the defendants.  Thank you.
>2.  Attention New England area residents:  We are having our first DEFENSE
COMMITTEE meeting on Saturday, December 20 at 5 p.m. at the Community Church
of Boston, 565 Boylston Street, near Copley.  The Defense Committee will not
be dealing with legal aspects of the case but, rather, with the many
organizing tasks that we have at hand.  For example, we need people to work
on the petition and letter-writing campaign, to outreach various communities
for support (other Native organizations, churches synagogues and mosques,
trade unions, Black community, Latino community, lesbian & gay community,
etc.), technology, and many other things.  We expect to have satellite
defense committees in other places, such as on Cape Cod and in western Mass.
>       Immediately following the Defense Committee meeting, there will be a
special program organized by the National Peoples Campaign at the Community
Church at 7 p.m.  This program will feature several people (including UAINE
leadership) who will speak about what happened in Plymouth on National Day
of Mourning and the premiere of a 1/2 hour documentary video about National
Day of Mourning 1997 produced by the Peoples Video Network.
>3.  WEBSITES TO VISIT:         People have been so incredibly helpful and
>so many have put pages up on their websites.  We want to draw your
>attention in
particular to the e-mail campaign page set up for us by Jordan S. Dill at
>If you have not done so, please visit this site and join the e-mail
petition campaign.  Jordan maintains a huge site, and has tons of
interesting information there.
>       Also, we are very pleased to announce that some friends have now
>set up a UAINE homepage for us at http://idt.net/~uaine19.
>4.  QUICK UPDATE:  We have been busy setting up a legal team and planning
activities for the next month.  The American Civil Liberties Union of
Massachusetts has been very helpful.  The defense team also includes members
of the National Lawyers Guild.
>       We have spoken to many media outlets, from British Columbia to
>California to Maine.  We especially wish to thank those supporters who
>have set up media interviews for us to help us get the word out.
>       We are beginning to set up a winter speaking tour to help broaden
>support and raise funds for the Defense Fund.
>We are asking supporters to do the following at this time:
>7  Ask for a statement of support from your organization, group, church,
mosque, synagogue, trade union, etc.
>7  Do whatever you can to get the word out in your community about what
happened.  If this was not covered by your local area media, contact them
and ask them why not.  Pressure any media contacts you may have to cover
this story of an unprovoked police assault on Native people and our
supporters in Plymouth, Massachusetts on "thanksgiving" day.  If you are a
student, set up a table on your campus with petitions.  Take petitions with
you to pow-wows and other gatherings.
>7  Please continue to collect petition signatures.  If you are mailing to
us, please try to have them back to us by mid-January.
>7  Call Plymouth Visitor Information (508-747-7525) and the Plymouth
Chamber of Commerce (508-830-1620). Let them know that your family will not
spend a dime in Plymouth because of the police assault on "Thanksgiving"
day.  This telephone campaign and the e-mail campaigns are really starting
to unnerve them!
>7  Hold a house party or other fund-raiser for the Defense Fund.
Checks/money orders should be made payable to: ACLU/National Day of Mourning
'97 Defense Fund and mailed to UAINE.  UAINE, P.O. BOX 7501, QUINCY, MA
02269.  (617) 773-0406.  Thanks to those of you who have already donated
money and stamps!
>6.  Video:  A number of you have asked us if you could get a copy of the
video from National Day of Mourning '97. The Peoples Video Network has
available a half-hour edited video which is appropriate for showing to
groups to let them see what happened.  It is excellent.  It costs $20 and is
available from:  The Peoples Video Network, Attn: Sue Harris, 39 West 14th
Street, Room 206, New York, NY 10011.
>       We are not vanishing.  We are not conquered.  We are as strong as ever!
Mahtowin & Moonanum for UAINE